October 27, 2011

Suggests that the past 5000 years, corresponding to the current Mayan “Fifth Sun” world age, operates under a materialistic MegaParadigm which is already in the process of breaking down and shifting. Identifies ways in which the old world-view is breaking down and what the emerging paradigm may look like. mail order brides Most policy think tanks have members or fellows which are very forward thinking in the ideas, concepts, and solutions they provide. They are always looking towards the future, which is fine except for one thing; they don’t know the future, they only suspect it. Since they cannot know the future they are often solving problems that don’t yet exist, and may never exist. During the culminating years of the 20th century the world stood at the edge of a precipice. The escalating arms race between the USSR and the United States was truly the one event in world history which, had it not been ultimately conquered, might have lead to our annihilation; the end of our civilization and as a human race. Movements to appease the Soviet aggressor were growing, emanating both from within the US and many countries with liberal-leaning democracies. Today we face circumstances remarkably and frighteningly similar to those days. Will the United States defend its freedom, liberty and its way of life against the renewed onslaught of socialism? mail order brides On December 2012, everything will fry and everyone will die - this is the message that fans of Doomsday 2012 want to put across others. According to them the apocalypse predictions of Nostradamus, which are backed by the Mayan Prophecies, tell us of our inevitable future and that today is the right time to repent and amend our lives. It is now 2009, the end is near, and we will all rot in hell sooner than later, or so they say.